Honest Quotes & Pricing


Honest Quotes & Pricing

“We wish we’d used you in the first place, we went with another quote because they were cheaper, then ended up spending over £15,000 more than their original quote…”

Words from an actual customer we’re now working for on phase 2 of their house conversion project. Words that at Wiggs, really pain us to hear. At Wiggs, we believe in honest quoting policies, where we quote the actual amount that we’ll charge you for doing the specified work. We never hide additional costs from you, there’s no muddying of the water or trying to pull a fast one. Our policies are open and honest at all times – That is our promise to you.

As a building firm, we have an extremely broad spectrum of expertise, with specialist working knowledge of housing development, renovation and extension, we pride ourselves on being able to create cost effective and unique solutions tailored to our client’s needs. By putting the needs of our clients first we build an extremely strong working relationship with all of them and we often end up working for our clients for years on multiple projects.

We like to begin our working relationship with our clients at the quoting stage, and we’ll happily review a competitor’s quote for you to ensure you’re getting a like for like price. Often we find that competitors will ‘go in cheap’ in order to secure the business, then ramp the costs up with hidden charges and complications.

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